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Fuzzy Chalina

Milkshake Pale Ale

Peachy, Soft, Peachy, Juicy…oh yeah,

Gluten Reduced

5.5% ABV

The Trial

Kolsch Style

Light, Crisp, Straw

Gluten Reduced

4.8% ABV

Cloud People

American Sour Brown

Sour, Sweet, Tamarind

Gluten Reduced

5.6% ABV

Part of our Sonoran Sour

Crooked Light

American Light Ale

Light, Crisp, Easy Drinking

Gluten Reduced

4.8% ABV

Lluvia de Tucson

Brett Session IPA

Orange, Pear, Pineapple, Tropical, Slight Musk

Gluten Reduced

5.25% ABV

Missing Constellations

Blueberry Farmhouse Ale

Blueberry, Bubblegum, Peppery, Sweet, Slight Musk

Gluten Reduced

4.8% ABV

Roller Skate Disco Party

Double IPA

Juicy, Grapefruit, Citrus

Gluten Reduced

8% ABV

Lazer Soundwaves

Sour Saison with Jamica

Hibiscus, Tart, Earthy

Gluten Reduced

5.2% ABV

Part of our Sonoran Sour Series


Imperial Porter with Palo Santo

Chocolate, Robust, Roasted Vanilla, Slight Wood Finish

Served in 10 oz. glass

Gluten Reduced

9.3% ABV